Sunday, February 3, 2013

We are Young and Free!

 -afterwork we need to unwind somehow-
 chillin' @ Juan and Joe!- 

Perfect drink for us #girlsrules!

This is how we do it...'EAT a LOT'!!!

Food that makes our tummy happy \!

Bunao post !

candid shot?! Perfect!

Bill out! 

Tc Diana and kids ( dean and alvin)!


The Night is Young . . .

--Lets get the Party started!--

Preview for upcoming movie! can u suggest  a title?! ahahaa


@BCG, Taguig City

...shot while eating by Jonah D.!

-  me.. myself..  and I .. -

Ang liit ng mga Labi ! bkit kaya ahahaha! 

 Shot Everywhere!

Were all wearing  Pink ! but why is that? *.*

excited much  Aika B.?

nice shot @7 eleven!

Mirror shot! #reflection

something went wrong?? what happen... LoL!

Tipsy mode? anu meron bkit nka Thumbs UP?

Gelo and his friend Leonard!! soOo Sweet!

.. stay SOber friend!..

Party is not complete without this!

Ang kamay mo gelo asaan banda??!!!!

Dim shot @ MarketMArket!

ZOOM with Flash!


Blogger wannabe's

-Post everywhere, UP all night-

still Alive and kicking..

more energy to post !

dean and aika 

anu meron sa ibaba??

Yuko post ba ang peg?

mastered post ni Aika B!

eto gusto ko to.. Perfect!

Blogger Post!

Dean post!

Emotera Post!

Spiderman post!


.. Positivisty..

Fav ko dito ung " Bubble Milk Tea w/ Nata Stripes"

Chicken na kinain ni Aika !

choose what u want... 

drink all night!

Aika's Dream Tea!

haggard mode!

irita mode? hungry na?

wasted look ?


candid shot!

 ma- ala tyrone perez c kuya ahh..

Picture Perfect!

ang sama nman ng tingin ni dean?? galit kaba ahahah

OOHH Kalma lng! away mode na b talaga...

just Kidding!

"When the going gets tough, take a break."


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