Monday, October 15, 2012

Perfect time: Marriage

Its been awhile I haven't posted anything in my page..
#just me sharing my experience yesterday..

TOPIC: Marriage!

 I have a long time friend whose in love with a soldier ..

its been 2 years there been together and I witness their UPs and downs ..
This Girl  knows me very much : my crazy lil' thing  and stuffs...
She texted me that a year from now, I'll be her maid of honor..
his soldier propose to her last night.. and that's argg! so sweet!

to you my friend BEST Wishes in advance! ..
and here's my advise for both of you!

Just remember: 

A successful
 Marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person
_ME says:_  everybody wants to be Loved! falling in love all over again feels like your in a cloud9 
(hmmm i think i miss  it na=P, i think its time na=P LoL! )

I still believe that  everything you need will come to you at a Perfect time!
I believe in Destiny but Commitment is a choice!

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