Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brazil Brazil!

Brazil Brazil Experience!

- Moments with Genevieve!-

It was our first time to eat at Brazil Brazil 

located at Serendra with my Good friend 

I miss chatting with her very much ....

we met before she goes back to Australia..

till next time..

At first, we don't know where to go  because were both excited to see each other..

But we decided to have our Lunch Date @ Serendra

Brazil Brazil is a churascarria (like a steakhouse)

they serve grilled meats and some other stuff that you can 

munch on to your heart’s content!

 The served grilled meats (tenderloin, chicken, pork, fruits) are served right at your table side non stop!

The waiters will be walking around holding skewed grilled meats with a slicer

may it be pork, beef, lamb... name it !

and you can ask for more slices..

 if it is something you really like. ..

 The YOYO gives customers a unique dining experience. 

- Green side makes the meat keep on coming as the 

Red signals stop!…

Thank You Brazil Brazil !

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