Monday, October 8, 2012

How To Break Bad Habits:

* Have u assess yourself ??

-Do you talk over people during conversations?
-Do you bite your nails when you are nervous?
-Have you ever ignored the people you were with for a better conversation with someone on your cell phone?

_iAMabby_ says:  YES!

according to an article..

        "Good, you are human. Each and every person on this earth has habits rather good or bad. There are just some things that we tend to do automatically. They have become so repetitive that they almost seem natural. Habits are inherently neutral.

I say:  So how do we do to break bad habits?

Step1: Recognize your habits
Step2: Replace bad habits with a positive alternative
Step3: Focus on the positive alternative instead of avoiding the negative one.

Now it is your turn. I am looking for some help on breaking a bad habit. Share your thoughts .. =P

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