Friday, October 5, 2012

Third Party Syndrome insight!
Me , OFF to work today.. but cant fight the feeling to blog my observation nowadays...

Hmm..while checking for the latest movies for this month I've observe that films about third parties are  like mushrooms these days


I've watch this movie and --its happens nowadays.. the famous “No Other Woman.”
Then came “The Mistress”, and now, “A Secret Affair.”

 -- mistresses today makes an interesting characters. And they're usually sexier, better dressed, even younger than the wife. would you agree.There's never a dull moment with them

Here's a quotable line from a  movie: 

"You know what, ang kasal dapat driver's license lang eh. Renewable every three years.Para pag narealize niyo na ayaw niyo na, hindi niyo na mahal ang isa't-isa you can just quit." (Lovi Poe in "My Neighbor's Wife") -

In general, not all mistresses are the same.  Some are cruel down to their bone marrows.  Others are simply in it for the money. The scenarios are endless...

To my Followers:

-- Here's one fact, everyone of us wants to be Prioritize, no one ever aim to be an Option.. --


  1. Nice post abby! have you been to this situation before??? It seems like you are experienced on this matter!hahaha

  2. NOPE. im just stating a fact ..