Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Take technological convenience on your wrist with the Sony LiveView 1st Gen or Sony Smart Watch 2nd Gen.

Sony LiveView 1st Gen and 2nd Gen can display incoming SMS, RSS feeds, Facebook updates and Twitter updates plus calendar reminders. This is perfect for commuters who can take a look at their phone without displaying their high-tech phone while riding the jeep or squeezing their way into the train.  It is also perfect for when you’re out in public.

It can show you phone number and mute ringer for incoming calls.
You can control your music and its volume from your phone with the use of this stylishly smart watch.
This nifty gadget also has a great feature as Find Phone—amazing for forgetful phone users.
The 1st gen has a Velcro-type wristband you can wear around your wrist for convenience. The 2nd Gen takes this up a notch with a black watchband and watchband adaptor so you can use your desired watchband.

No need to be charged constantly because its battery time can last up to 4 days of typical usage.
Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with Xperia and other android phones. 
Enable it with Android Market apps and make it truly yours.

Sony LiveView 1st Gen has a MicroUSB Connector for charging.
Sony  Smart Watch 2nd Gen has a Multi-Touch color OLED display, USB Charger, and user guide.

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