Monday, September 24, 2012

  Wanna share this 30 Sarcastic Sisterly Advises:

  1. We all know men are pigs, stop complaining.
  2. Jus because he added you on Facebook, it doesn't mean he loves you.
  3. Food is necessary for life, stop acting and eat.
  4. If he lied once, he'll lie again.
  5. Don't come and cry again and again about his rude behavior if you're not done with him.
  6. Self evaluation is must before calling others a slut.
  7. Getting closer to your best buddy's ex? She's having pizza do you want leftovers?
  8. Stop acting so "Cute", men really hate it.
  9. There's a thin line between love and lust, learn the difference.
  10. Life is not a fairytale, get real.
  11. Pouting makes you look like a duck, not hot.
  12. No matter how good looking you're, insecurities makes you ugly.
  13. Being sarcastic and being bitchy are two different things.
  14. In order to be treated like a woman, you need to act like one.
  15. There is more life than a man.
  16. No boy will come one day on horse to rescue you.
  17. It's ok to cry sometime, but cry on every other thing? Get a life.
  18. Just because he said you're a bitch, it doesn't mean you're one.
  19. Life was good before him and will continue much better after him.
  20. Never give your friend an advice on which you never worked on.
  21. Believing pink color is your favorite when it's actually not will not turn you Barbie automatically.
  22. Crying over a soap opera will not change anything.
  23. Acting like a girly girl will not make you posh but it'll make you Paris Hilton.
  24. Taking 2 hours on shower, 3 hours on dress up and 4 hours on makeup and hair. Doesn't make you a girl, just unprofessional.
  25. Character is what you're; reputation is what other thinks about you.
  26. Stop copying your best friend; you'll be not yourself then.
  27. He's not into you, Move on.
  28. Doing oh-ah with your pet, he looks cute and you look a pet.
  29. If you really want to sort out with him, stop complaining.
  30. Crying only make things worse.
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