Sunday, January 6, 2013


#Check it out!:  My hand bag!!

-I'm not Vain But i need my stuffs as a women! But if u look at me closely , u will see it in my eyes
This girl always Finds a way to be beautiful inside and out.. #LoL #trying #GoodGirl...

" you want it, work for it.."

Random pix@office: #shifting schedule: working during weekends!

 My blogger buddy!: Deanmark!

dean has a new watch!! sponsored by Tomato

of course were on shifting schedule ... expect that were not that good on our 1st call!!  ( Dean remember ur call !)

i love wearing my watch as well!!

My cute bracelet!! #yellow and gold!

anyare?? haggard mode?? LoL... parang may similarities! 

D' Bloggers!

ang pinaka mareklamong ahente ng ESCAlation Team!!: ER  (#kiddingaside)

with Gray : a newbie blogger!

w/ Aika! : who inspired us to Blog!

with Nina  # teammate !!

Dress - Down day #saturdayshift!

Eulasia aka "Nora" sabi ni dean!!-- newbie blogger din!

so what happen my friend!!! seems ur so lazy on a Sunday shift!

c Markie, ahente ng Escalation "POGI" daw xa...

c Ross escalation agent din  dream nia  to be  D' Great Arnold Schwarzenegger!

c Jay Teammate din nmin... were having a High volume of  calls  But wait.." what button are u trying to press jay??"  #Release ?? 

eto pang pasaway na Esca member c Daryl !  u want  incident report ?? #Joke

aun on seryoso sa call -- esca din xa...-- c Kuya Odie!  #Kalma lng...

while on break I'm Listening to R&B music ....#chillin #diversion

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