Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Best friends Wedding..

Date: January 04, 2013
Venue: Good Thymes Resto Bar 

i say -- When we first talked to each other,

I knew we would always be friends.

Our friendship has kept on growing

And I'll be here for you to the end.. 

_iAMabby_ and Jonah Gay

and it happens.. its your Wedding Day!

my simple outfit on ur civil wedding ..Lets Go!

Once in awhile, 
Right in the middle of an ordinary life, 
Love gives us a fairy tale...

I'm overwhelmed , excited and happy that my Best friend " JONA GAY " will marry a guy he really loved so much!!

The Couple prove me wrong that long distance relationship is not a hindrance to be destined to each other..

There is only one happiness in Life: "To be love and be loved"  thsi is D' the real thing , just keep movin' ....

@good thymes resto bar

Emcee is preparing'

while waiting...

..Couples Cake!

ampao... #moneyRules

couples family and relatives

need some drinks while waiting to for the couples...

Finally they arrived!

 they Kissed! 

Holding hands while observing us #LoL

their 1st Dance as a Couple!

...D' brother of the Bride serenade the couple!

song: Beautiful in my eyes!

# Traditional Dance!

 slicing their Cake!

YUMMY cake ... and Sweet Copule !

Venue has a nice comfort room ahh.. see this  display near D' mirror..

This is what I ate!!! #diet mode

my Dessert!

just taste some wine..

The Bride and D' Groom...

as a general rule only single people participate in this ritual.
" Catching D' Bouquet of the Bride"

traditionally, all the unmarried girls try catch the bouquet... 

the one to catch it is suppposed to be the next one to get married!

and guess WHAT!!!!!! _iAMabby_ catches  it!! A mind-blowing experience!!!! 

I'M still enjoying being single but I want to be love and be loved of course.

Actually mis ko na ma-inlove Ulit  (hahaha) forgetting the past coz i really cried A Lot . but i've moved on.. 

.. Just keep going...keeping my friends closer  and enjoying new found friend!s #dating 

i say"Always Look available BUT not be available"

but the thing is... I'M not ready to get married as of now... maybe in GOD's time... with the right man , right time and right place... i''m gonna be ready to Take Chance in mylife....

Best revenge to him: is being beautiful inside and out ! Do i ? ahahah
#just kidding....

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