Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I love doing normal things !
- movies, shopping, going out with friends,
 writing, reading, - that's for my relaxation. -

obsessed in mirror!

Unexpected gastos! is so ARRGGH in our pockets right!

 purchasing 1k pair of shoes in a snap! db DEAN!

while waiting sa counter , nagrandom shot muna ko!

aun oHH  ganyan ang ngiti ng mgbbyad na... 
SalesLady: Sir este IT girl  card  or cash? LoL

Mastered Blog post! 

i'll get these urges to buy shoes @ Tomato  grrr...

but I stay firm that I wont Buy anything ...

co'z this Day I paid my bills (CC Bills)!! awts!

My skull yellow bracelet !

reflection shows that I'm busy with my cam!



They say that when women are depressed !!!!...

 they eat or go shopping!

BUT hirs D' thing.. I'm not depressed  but I hang out aLot!

Hirs D' menu!

Pick your choice!

and eat a lot! 
GOAL: Happy Tummy!

while waiting sa ordered food...

we took some pic with JONA! 

Chicken all Day! still Yummy!

..still look fresh though haggard at tom Jones tlga!

Jona's meal.. Takaw talaga ..!

Of course, we need some drinks!

outside ARMY NAVY!

smoking after eating!



and SHOT!

TOP shot like this!

spotted a Ferrari car along the BGC! 

JOna D' Explorer!


its Payday!
Motto: walang tipid tipid !!

SPOTTED shoes...

@ Tomato!

High cut sneakers @ Tomato!

and  he bought one! ....arrgghhh b sa pocket!?
BUT  I think its worth it...


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